INMT: Interactive Neural Machine Translation
Sebastin Santy, Sandipan Dandapat, Monojit Choudhury, Kalika Bali
2019 Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) (System Demonstration)

Towards Task Understanding in Visual Settings
Sebastin Santy, Wazeer Zulfikar, Rishabh Mehrotra, Emine Yilmaz
2019 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Student Abstract)

DataDepsGenerators.jl: making reusing data easy by automatically generating DataDeps.jl registration code
Lyndon White, Sebastin Santy
2018 Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS)

BITS Darshini: A Modular, Concurrent Protocol Analyzer Workbench
Prasad Talasila, Mihir Kakrambe, Anurag Rai, Sebastin Santy, Neena Goveas, Bharat M Deshpande
2018 International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking (ICDCN)


  AI Center Fellow | Fall 2019
Working in the intersection of NLP and ICTD, developing technologies for low-resource languages.

  Research Intern | Spring 2019
Developed an interactive machine translation interface on top of state-of-the-art transformer model to be used by StoryWeaver for faster turnaround of document translations. [Video]

  Research Intern (Senior Thesis) | Fall 2018
Worked on real-time obstacle avoidance and doorway navigation using a monocular camera on a low-computational robot like Anki Cozmo. [Video]

  Research Intern | Summer 2018
Worked on Task-based Information Retrieval, specifically on recommendation by leveraging external on-tology. Used the principles of Bayesian Rose Trees and Distance Dependent Chinese Restaurant Process todesign a dynamically enriched ontology. [UserContext]

  Google Summer of Code (Julia Computing) | Summer 2018
Added data repository support to DataDepsGenerators.jl, which in turn creates registration blocks forDataDeps.jl. DataDeps.jl helps in downloading scientific data with ease. Talk on this work delivered at PyData New York City 2018. [Report]

  Google Summer of Code (Bugzilla) | Summer 2017
Revamped the existing bug filing interface (enter_bug.cgi) into a single page reducing the multi-hop dbaccess and unnecessary template rendering. This enhanced the speed and performance in bug filing. [Report]